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Reasons to be cheerful

What with the economy looking very ropey, and many people losing their jobs (including myself), there are plenty of reasons to feel down. To counter the general gloom, I thought I’d look back and put together a personal list of ten good things that have happened this year (in approximate order of greatness):

  1. Barack Obama. Arguably, the holder of the post of US president is  still the most powerful person in the world, and, at last, the US seems to have a president with ideas  that will be better for everyone. I’m hopeful.
  2. My move back to the UK from Australia.  At the start of the year, I decided to move from Australia back to the UK, primarily to be closer to the family; 24 hours on a plane is just too far away. I thought it was the right move to make, despite having to give up a great job and leave some wonderful friends behind, I’m still convinced I’ve made the right decision some five months down the road.
  3. My job at Carsonified. Despite only working there for four short months, I managed to squeeze in some amazing things that took me out of my usual comfort zone: in particular, MCing at The Future Of Mobile, and conducting video interviews with some Web luminaries at The Future of Web Apps. I made some great friends, too.
  4. Visiting Sri Lanka: an amazing country, beautiful scenery, lovely people. It’s such a shame that it’s torn apart by violence (according to the Sri Lankan government, a situation that is now improving, although I wouldn’t take their word for it). If it wasn’t for that, it would be the perfect holiday destination (The word serendipity comes from Serendib, an old name for Sri Lanka) . I got to stay in a hotel visited by my granparents many years ago, and visited the beautiful Horton Plains National Park:Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka
  5. Visiting New York, New York. I stayed there for a week and felt that I’d only just scratched the surface.  I had always thought that  it would be too massive in scale and too busy to want to stay too long, but having visited, I’ll definitely be back. By the end of my trip, I was seriously considering a move. As an added bonus, I was there for election night, thus neatly combining two of the points on this list!
  6. Team GB rocking the Beijing Olympic Games. The achievement of all the athletes at the  Games is astounding (the dedication that these guys put in is humbling, and puts our lives into perspective), but the successes of Team GB kept us all glued to the telly for the duration. In particular, the achievements of Chris Hoy (with three gold medals in track cycling at Beijing, subsequently named BBC Sports Personality of the Year) and Rebecca Adlington (two gold medals in the pool) were inspiring. I’m really looking forward to London 2012 now; the only problem is that now tickets to the velodrome will be in very high demand…
  7. My iPhone. It has been a very long time since a gizmo has given me this much pleasure, but this device is amazing.
  8. Life in Bristol. Bristol is a buzzing little city in England’s South-West. It’s a hub of culture and innovation, and birthplace of, amongst others, Banksy, Portishead and Massive Attack. I live in Stokes Croft and love it.
  9. Realising that I can cycle everywhere, even in the depths of winter. The 30 miles from Bristol to Bath and back again is a bit much to do in one go, mind.
  10. Finally, if this doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will!

2009 may bring tough times, but there will also be opportunies, laughter and joy. Personally, I can’t wait.

What’s been good for you this year, and what are you looking forward to in 2009?

11 Responses

  1. Matt Machell says:

    Reason 11 : A new blog! ;)

    As for 2009, I’m looking forward to impending fatherhood!

  2. mike says:

    Cool post Simon - I’m glad you’re cheerful and I am too :)
    Cool you got your site up so quickly.
    have a great xmas and new year.

    Mike :)

  3. Elliott says:

    Great post Simon. It’s too easy to forget the good things that have happened this year - thanks for the reminders :)

  4. dan says:

    congratulations on the new blog - will keep checking back.

    here’s what was good for me this year: spending some time in berlin, barcelona, brussels.

    & here’s what will be good next: moving to london on january 3rd. should be fun!


  5. cooch says:

    Hi Simon,

    Nice read. Happy Xmas & have a great 2009.

    JC is still lazy.


  6. Kevin Yank says:

    Good list! I share your #1.

    Good to see you blogging, too! I look forward to your future exploits. :)

  7. Very thoughtful young Simon. Glad to see you’re positive about the road ahead.

    Oh, and Gobama!

  8. Ryan Carson says:

    Great list Simon. We miss you at Carsonified HQ.

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